Harlem Renaissance Impact

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The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of cultural appreciation of African Americans looking for better life in the neighborhood of Harlem. Producing works in music, literature, and art, stressing the importance of equality and appreciation amongst their different cultures between Whites and Blacks. After The Migration, very important figures of the time of the Harlem Renaissance emerged such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Jean Toomer, Arna Bontemps, and Claude McKay who contributed literary works which had large influences. The Harlem Renaissance changed the lives of African Americans and viewpoints of their own culture along with other cultures viewpoint of their own.
The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of new works in art and literature from African Americans in New York from about 1910 to about 1940. Harlem was originally a neighborhood consisting of white upper class people until the Great Migration, when large numbers of African Americans flocked to Harlem, causing some Whites to leave. The government in the South had made laws which stated that Blacks could now own their own lands but instead, former laws were reestablished, resulting in these blacks that had now owned land, in debt to former owners, causing the creation of Sharecroppers. They were given a choice between labor contracts which would fundamentally mean they were slaves once more or to be evicted from their homes. Eventually, this caused the Great Migration. These African Americans started migrating to the urban areas of the North to look for better lives and to seek work from businesses looking for cheap labor. (“Sharecropping”, 2010.)
In the 1920s, a vast majority of African Americans flocked to the North. Even though the North still had segregation and inequalities, the South had far less economic opportunities and mostly was involved in the business of Share Cropping which largely caused the fleeing of African Americans, originally. The South still participated in race riots, and the area was just far too dangerous for many blacks to live. Businesses began looking for cheap laborers in which these African Americans were going to provide when migrating from the rural South to the urban cities of the North. The neighborhood
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