Harlem Renaissance Poets: Countee Cullen and Georgia Douglas Johnson

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The Great Migration of African Americans during the XXth century initiated a particular series of poets who chose to express their thoughts through writing. What's more, what these poets had to say for themselves and collectively had been a sensible topic among groups of black people living in a most racist era. There was a lot published in the newspapers in those times and not everything was poetry. Letters were received from people seeking to flee from the southern parts of America where nothing good had come to them, no jobs, no shaking of hands, but high prices and a lot of discontents. Articles were covering the pages with an emphasis on the number of people who seemed to have all decided at once to settle someplace else. Out of this widespread phenomenon emerged a cultural movement known unto the name of the Harlem Renaissance, quite a romantic entitlement for what represented quite a major step forward in the history of African American culture. Music, visual arts, literature encapsulated such a particular style that it created the movement by itself. Countee Cullen is more than just a product poet of the Renaissance, he managed to establish himself as a trademark in this respect. Facts around his birth and early childhood are somewhat of a mystery, little is known about this period in his life. Adopted by Frederick Cullen, a minister and a black activist, Countee remarked himself all through college and university, becoming involved in several academic activities.

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