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Harlen Coben, editorial,¨Undercover Parent ¨( March 16,2008 ), claims that parents should monitor their teens and what they do on the internet. The author started off being against this idea but, then he sat down at a dinner with his friends whom convinced him otherwise. The author backs up his reasons after his anecdote. The authors purpose of this article is to make sure that parents are doing their best to protect their teens from the dangers of being online, in order to establish total and complete safety with his or hers teen/teens. The intended audience for this article is parents with teenagers or kids who have access to the internet, now assuming the author has teens of his their would be some connection made with the audience their.

I would have to say that some things that i agree with that Coben said was, he mentioned giving your child a heads up before putting spyware on the teens electronic device/devices. Coben also mentioned coming to your children in a subtle way, a way in
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Teens should be able to go on the internet freely, yes an annual check up should be absolutely fine, but don't go all ballistic and stalker status on your teen. I have seen from my own experience that teens who are being on constant watch or lock down usually end up being the most troublesome when they become adults. Children with helicopter parents usually tend to try and hide allot more from their parents and they also have tendencies to trust no one which would be problematic if you want your child to grow up with proper social skills. I think the point should be to establish trust and safety with your teen, not to just automatically assume your teen is doing bad things online that is a form of belittling in the mind of your child and will drive a wedge between the two of you. Teens should be able to make mistakes so they can learn with
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