Harley Davidsen Brand Management Mba Case Study

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Introduction After near extinction Harley-Davidson has become one of the premier motorcycle manufacturers and distributors in the world. A primary driver in this success has been their attention to building the Harley-Davidson brand with attention to customer loyalty, specifically with the creation of a brand community of customers – the Harley Owners Group (HOG). Through HOG they have been able to connect with customers at the grass-roots level. Their sponsorship of regional and national HOG events has provided them with one-on-one access to their customers, resulting in strong, favorable, and unique associations for the Harley-Davidson brand. In this case study we will address several key
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Seeing a diverse group of riders - old and young, male and female – the Posse Riders project an open, inclusive image for Harley.
While the visual promotional effect of the Posse Rides should be exploited as much as possible, commercializing them should be avoided. The Posse participants are Harley 's best customers and this event should be an opportunity to reward them, not exploit them. The indirect benefits, such as building brand awareness and loyalty, are much more important than short-term sales. Given the wide differences in income, raising prices and/or offering special amenities for additional costs, will simply drive off working class participants that blow their annual wad on one rally. This would change the nature of the Posse from an open, inclusive group to a rich, closed one.
The Posse Rides should also continue to maintain their exclusivity. If everyone can get a Posse T-shirt because of merchandising they will not be worth having to real Posse Riders. Keeping the number of participants small also adds to the feeling of exclusivity, as well as only having a Posse Rides no more than once a year. This should also help to maintain a feeling of spontaneity that is missing from regional HOG events.

Next Steps/Recommendations to Maximize Effectiveness and Profitability
Given that we believe that The Posse Ride should continue, we feel there are several things that

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