Harley Davidson : A Global Economy With Potential Threats Striking From Every Side

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Synopsis: In a budding global economy with potential threats striking from every side, it is important for companies to develop strategic plans in order to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure longevity. Through this case study I intend to show how Harley Davidson delivers and continues to deliver high levels of customer value through their strategic marketing approach. I will also discuss the company’s value proposition and market position relative to its competitors. Harley Davidson Background: Harley Davidson is a house hold name and has been for decades. Known as one of the largest American manufacturers of heavyweight motorcycles, Harley Davidson has built a strong brand reputation. While Harley has done a phenomenal job establishing and building their identity and brand over the years, it was difficult for them to maintain their image. In the early 60’s Harley lost significant market share to Honda, a Japanese competitor, as people perceived a poor level of quality in the Harley bike than that of their Japanese counterpart. Harley did not view the new foreign entrants as a threat as they believed Honda products were significantly different than their heavyweight motorcycles and therefore did not compare. Harley’s lapse in judgment, or failure to understand external threats, resulted in more than two decades of despair for the company before recovery was achievable (Harley, 2015a). In the late 80’s Harley’s brand suffer from another major blow as Americans

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