Harley Davidson Case Analysis

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Case Analysis

Harley-Davidson should tailor is product and service offerings to the 55-64 year old segment, and expand its Rental and Rider’s Edge programs to continue growing
Market leader in motorcycles - Market leader with 50% domestic and 32% global market share in motorcycles
- Stock prices CAGR since 1989: 32%
- American legendary lifestyle brand
- Loyal customers: 900,000 members in Harley-Davidson Owner Group
- 50% of sales to repeating customers

Ageing customer base and difficulty to attract new clients - Average customer age grew from 35 in 1994 to 47 in 2004
- Young customers are not attracted by the brand
- Women are still only 10% of clients
- 2005 sales target cut back by 10,000
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Expand Rental

Expand Rider’s
Edge Program

Implementation plan Risks


To retain loyal customers beyond the age of 54, HDI should invest in targeted advertisement in short-term, and premium service and tailored bike models in the medium-term
Launch targeted advert. campaign

Launch comfort/premium

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