Harley Davidson Case

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Decision Date: Finish 2008 FY Sale: Finish
2009 FY Net Income: Finish
Introduction Finish
Current Situation 1. Current Performance  European market share has continued to grow. Finish needs %  Harley-Davidson controls nearly half of the market share for heavyweight motorcycles.  2007, Harley-Davidsons net profits and new sales were down.  Motorcycle shipments declined from 2006 to 2007. Harley-Davidson is currently unable to keep up with demand.
2. Strategic Posture
Clarity- Mission, objectives, strategies, and policies are clearly states as outlined below. * Mission - Appropriate
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Objectives | Yes/No | Consumers | Yes | Target Market | Yes | Image | Yes | Stability | Yes | Work Force | No | Corporate Culture | Yes | Technology | No | Quality | Yes | Future aspirations | Yes | Consumer Trust | Yes | Employee Development | Yes | * Objectives - Consistent with each other, the mission, and the environment. a. Consistency and to grow the bottom line. * Increase production * Expand internationally * Expand domestic and international partners * Continue to manufacture quality motorcycles * Increase sales and profits * Enhance customers satisfaction
b. Total Shareholder Return (TSR) relative to S&P 500
c. Maintain iconic brand name
d. Maintain majority control of the heavyweight motorcycle industry in the United States of America.
e. Develop new products to attract the female demographic as well as a younger demographic.
f. Acquire additional product lines, which will diversify the company and enhance business strength.
g. Market the Buell name. * Strategies- Consistent with each other, the mission objectives and environment a. Maintain competitive advantage through brand recognition. b. Focus on using quality materials. c. Expansion into international markets. d. Maintain customer satisfaction. e.
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