Harley Davidson Case Study

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Harley Davidson Case Study
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July 24, 2013

Introduction Harley Davidson, established in 1903, is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States. While Harley Davidson dominates the moto market in the United States, it is very small compared to the international market which is infiltrated with large Japanese firms such as Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha who produce various categories of motorcycles. Harley Davidson has deep rooted brand equity in the United States and remains loyal in it’s style. It has also remained consistent in manufacturing only heavyweight motorcycles. By showcasing only a single model type, Harley
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Market Structure Harley Davidson (HD) Motorcycles have many different aspects that contribute to the market structure, specifically the classification of motorcycles by size, the number of firms in the market both national and international, brand equity merchandising which includes entry to the apparel, accessories and licensing markets, barriers to entry and various merger attempts in the past. HD Motorcycles are classified into heavyweight classes such as Touring, Custom, or Sportster. In 2011 Touring motorcycle accounted for 92,002 bikes out of a total of 233,117 bikes sold for Harley Davidson (Harley Davidson Inc., 2012). Second leading in sales were Custom bikes at 91,459 bikes (Harley Davidson Inc., 2012). Overall, Harley Davidson sold 152,180 units in the United States and 80,937 units internationally for FY 2011 (Harley Davidson, Inc., 2012). In international markets Harley Davidson sold 83,505 units compared to 151,683 units in the United States (Harley Davidson, Inc., 2012). Outside of the United States, sales in Europe and surrounding regions were the second largest region for Harley Davidson with 44,340 units sold in 2011 (Harley Davidson, Inc. 2012). Units sold in the Asian Region came in third at 21,416 units, and the least number of units sold for Harley Davidson was in the Latin American Region, at 7,247 units. All regions saw an increase in the number of units sold from 2010 to 2011 but the United States still remains responsible for

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