Harley Davidson Erp It Study

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Justin Hazlett BUSN 6610 Harley Davidson Case February 12, 2012 Since Harley Davison Motor Company started in 1903, they have been successfully “taking the work out of bicycling” better than any other motorcycle manufacturing company. They have experienced great success recently with growing numbers in their percentage of motorcycles shipped, up 14 percent from 1997, and their target market size, up 13.8 percent from 1997. Their brand has also grown so strong over the years that customers are willing to wait up to two years for a motorcycle. The problems that Harley Davison is faced with are how to improve their existing purchasing process, how to integrate their existing procurement methods together, and how to develop longer term…show more content…
Ensuring that the software is compatible with the systems that are in place today is also a critical step to making the transition smoother. The high score in the architecture compatibility area shows that this provider took that into consideration as well. Provider1 was also able to customize the off-the-shelf package to meet the requirements that Harley Davidson has developed when the “best practices” fell short. Since the company had already established specific goals that they needed this software to accomplish, looking at the overall functionality of the package is imperative. The qualitative areas that addressed this issue were “overall functionality,” “technical support offerings,” and “web functionality to go.” Provider1 and Provider2 scored as high as possible in these first two areas. However, Provider2 already caries a software solution for the web functionality .The reason that I feel Provider1 is still the best option is because they understand that this will be a necessary component of Harley Davidson’s needs. They have developed a work around for this problem with a partner solution that will help them meet all their needs. Since there is no perfect functional fit offered by the three final providers, the ability to problem solve and develop solutions is a key factor to consider in the decision. Beyond the Matrix Evaluation The qualitative scores of each provider were not the only
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