Harley Davidson Essay

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Case 16 – Harley Davidson
Strategic Audit of a Corporation

III. External Environment: Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues 1. What forces from the natural physical environmental are currently affecting the corporation and the industries in which it competes? Which present current or future threats? Opportunities? a. Climate, including global temperature, sea level, and fresh water availability b. Weather related events, such as severe storms, floods, and droughts c. Solar phenomena, such as sun spots and solar wind 2. Do these forces have different effects in other regions of the world? No, weather will always be a factor to some degree no matter what part of the
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| 0.025 | 3 | 0.075 | | Shifts in buyers needs and tastes. | 0.025 | 3 | 0.075 | | Customer loyalty in European and Asian Countries | 0.025 | 2 | 0.050 | | Costs could become expensive from international importing | 0.025 | 2 | 0.050 | | The Buell division needs to continue to produce a quality motorcycle under Harley’s brand name | 3 | 0.075 | 0.075 | | TOTAL | 1.00 | | 2.38 | | http://www.soopertutorials.com/business/strategic-management/1028-external-analysis-of-harley-davidson-inc.html IV. Internal Environment: Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT)
Corporate Structure 1. How is the corporation structured at present? a. Is the decision-making authority centralized around one group or decentralized to many units? Authority is decentralized around both foreign and domestic operations. b. Is the corporation organized on the basis of functions, projects, geography, or some combination of these? It is a Multi-National Corporation and it is organized geographically. It currently has operations in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the U.S 2. Is the structure clearly understood by everyone in the corporation? The structure is understood by all employees. Employees generally review structure changes and adapt accordingly. 3. Is the present structure consistent with current corporate objectives, strategies, policies, and programs, as well as with the firm’s international operations? Yes, all areas are

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