Essay on Harley Davidson Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents I. Executive Summary (Nakiya) II. Situation Analysis A. Market Summary (Liana) i. Market Trends ii. Market Growth B. SWOT Analysis (Nakiya) i. Strengths ii. Weaknesses iii. Opportunities iv. Threats C. Competitive Analysis (Scott) D. Product Offering (Scott) III. Marketing Strategy A. Mission Statement (Liana) B. Marketing Objectives (Liana) C. Target Markets (Liana) D. Positioning Statement (Liana) E. Financial Objectives (Scott) F. Marketing Mix i. Product or Service Mix (Scott) ii. Price (Scott) iii. Promotion (Scott, Nakiya, Liana) iv. Distribution (Liana) IV. Financials (Scott) A. Break-even Analysis B. Net…show more content…
The largest market segment of the past five years was middle-aged males. As these consumers age, the industry will find it harder to sell more motorcycles to them.

Business Trends:
Favorable Demographics - most motorcycle buyers are between the age of 35 and 64, a demographic forecast to grow about 17 percent between 2006 and 2015 in the US. The industry is also attracting younger buyers. Motorcycle ownership among Generation Y grew by more than 23 percent between 2008 and 2012, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

More Female Riders - Motorcycle manufacturers are targeting female riders. Female ownership is growing faster than male ownership. Manufacturers are building units with lower seats, lighter weight, and lower tension clutches to attract female riders. More than 10 percent of US motorcyclists are women. Additional revenues are generated from accessories, clothing, and riding gear.

Volatile Gas Prices - Higher gas prices can have both a favorable and unfavorable impact on motorcycle sales. Motorcycles are a much more economical form of transportation than most cars and trucks. However, higher gas prices reduce disposable personal income available for purchases. Most motorcycles in the US are used for recreation rather than for day-to-day transportation.

Industry opportunities:
Additional Upgrades and Customized Products -
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