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Harley-Davidson, Inc: Identifying eBusiness Risks and Related Assurance Services for the eBusiness Marketplace (Case Study) 1. What new risks did Harley-Davidson face by integrating eBusiness into its supply-chain management system and by allowing suppliers to have access to the company’s Intranet? E-commerce is a fantastic way for businesses to connect with customers around the world in a way that has never before been possible. Yet, that is not to say that eBusiness does not have risks that entrepreneurs must be aware of before setting up a presence online. Harley-Davidson faces a variety of risks by integrating eBusiness into its supply-chain management system and allowing supplier to have access to the…show more content…
2. What internal controls has Harley-Davidson likely implemented to mitigate the risks identified above? 1) The use of firewalls and internet security measures will protect confidential information from hackers and fraudsters. Information must be encrypted throughout the transaction, secure socket layers are needed to ensure that it is sent only to authorized parties. The company should use passwords and other types of security programs that limit access to the system. 2) Harley-Davidson should have a contract with Manugistics Group, Inc that requires the company to always have staff available to repair the system when it fails. The Harley-Davidson’s IT department should receive adequate training on how to maintain and fix the system. The system needs to be backed up periodically to protect the data in case of a virus attack, power outage, or a disaster. 3) All the involved parties have to ensure that available rival information is used in ethical way. The Harley-Davidson’s eBusiness system should maintain the data security across different partners, however just in case the information is easily accessible, then the involved partners have to ensure its use in an ethical way. It would be a good idea to create an internal IT department that would oversee the transfer of confidential information and play the role of a watchdog. Additionally, Harley-Davidson should send personnel out to visit vendors to ensure the system is used

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