Harley Davidson 's Case Analysis Essay

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Harley-Davidson Cases Analysis
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harley-Davidson is a well-known American based company famous for production of motorcycles. Harley-Davidson also has business in financial services including: insurance coverage and providing a source of credit to motorcycle buyers and dealers. The motorcycle and products sector operates through several segments such as parts and accessories that represented 17 percent of the revenue in 2011, licensing( constituted 43.2 million dollars in 2011), a museum under the name Harley-Davidson, international sales, market and other services. Founded in 1903 by Arthur Davidson and William S. Harley to supply racing motorcycles. When the business began Harley-Davidson began producing small engines fixed to frames. Being very successful in business, Harley-Davidson invented a V-Twin engine which was larger and much more efficient than previous models. This new invention formed an integral part in developing what is considered to be the modern day motorcycle. After the wars when soldiers were coming home soldiers found motorcycles to provide a cheaper form of transportation. This research paper will discuss the general business environment, risks and uncertainties, corporate strategy, and viability of Harley-Davidson forming a co-operative strategy along with recommendations for the company.
General Business Environment
These are economic, political and technological conditions and factors which most times are beyond

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