Harley Davidsons Organizational Culture

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Harley Davidson has a culture that is unique like no other organization. The Harley culture has changed and adjusted itself accordingly throughout history. Harley Davidson’s success is due to the culture that it has created. The three main aspects of Harleys culture is 1. Harley has such an inclusive nature of Family, that it is able to bind its customers together through implementing them into a lifestyle. 2. The employees are customers; they are a big part of the Harley family. 3. Harley Davidson is able to implement such strong cultural through the passion and value which Harley is able to provide quality and love of their product. Through this Learning Journal I am going to summarize the Thesis paper, which I chose to read and then…show more content…
What I have learned through this article is that one great way to make an organization successful is to have the worker be on such a personal level with the customer, that by them having the product they are selling it allows them to be on a personal level with their customers. Having the employees be customers as well it allows the customers into the culture or family (made up of employees and customers) of the organization. Harley Davidson has such a strong “cultural management” the fact that they have such a binding society proves it. Through Harley Davison having the employees be customers it enables the employees to boast so much passion and value into their product. Harley gives such a well laid out example of passion and values within its culture. The way in which the binding society is implemented is through the workers having such strong values and passion for the family. Harley Davidson has been able to “stir passion in its riders, its dealers, and its employees and translate that passion into profit.” (Page 35-36). All of this passion is so important, it leads to so many strong values within the company. Harley Davidson is “… a company that sticks to its values and is able to have people that work for them that cherish the same values and put those values into every motorcycle they produce.” (PAGE 42). I wonder to myself how come this hasn’t been the focus of most other

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