Harley Davidson's Quality And Effectiveness

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Harley Davidson has 1,460 dealership networks to service its customers, with the majority of those dealerships located in the United States. Harley believes the quality and effectiveness of their dealerships are instrumental in the strong demand for its products; therefore, placement of dealerships is a critical element. Recently the market share for Harley Davidson heavyweight motorcycles has fallen to 47.5% this year from 50.3% a year earlier. In fact, their peak was quarter 4 in 2013 at 58% market share (Hagerty, 2015). Because Harley prides themselves on their loyal following, price slashing is not an option for improving market share as that method only devalues Harley’s products. Instead, to further progress Harley’s placement they should focus efforts towards helping dealerships expand business skills to ensure dealers have the appropriate knowledge to sell more effectively. One way in which Harley is accomplishing this is with the Harley-Davidson University program they’ve established as a training program for dealers.
People are ultimately the most important component of the marketing mix and a company’s strategic planning. Services and products are developed to meet consumer demands or needs and altered to improve the overall customer experience. Harley has done a great job building one of the most recognizable brands in the world. One way in which they have achieved this feat is with their HOG membership. With the purchase of every new…
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