Harley-Davidson's Use of the Internet

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Harley-Davidson This essay examines Harley-Davidson's use of the Internet as a strategic marketing tool. Unlike their competitors' websites, Harley takes advantage of every online opportunity to build relationships with customers, promote their brand, and market Harley offerings. The Internet in particular is an effective promotion medium for Harley because it extends their efforts to market the company's products and services. The Internet provides multiple opportunities for customers to interact with the company at various points throughout the sales cycle. Moreover, Harley-Davidson uses the Internet to implement their positioning strategy. The company uses their Web site to connect with customers and prospects to establish and reinforce the identity of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. As one Harley enthusiast notes "When it comes to motorcycles, no other name carries the mystique, prestige or respect as that of Harley Davidson. Harley riders are more than motorcycle enthusiasts with the penchant for a name brand; they are instead members of an elite fraternity of riders known throughout the world" (Willis, 2012). Harley-Davidson uses their Web site to successfully market to their niche. Even though Harley-Davidson customers come from diverse backgrounds including those who do not ride the brand lifestyle appeals to them (Cooney, 2005). Harley-Davidson customers belong to a specialized market, and the company uses informational content and targeted offerings that connect

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