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1. Explain how Talon helps Harley Davidson employees improve their decision making capabilities. Talon is a very successful ERP system. It integrates information from every Harley-Davidson store and performs routine tasks. The former allows employees to focus on customer satisfaction because critical, detailed information is available, thus saving time because the information is already available which facilitates a customer oriented environment that builds strong relationships and customer loyalty. The latter allows for more saved time and money, once again freeing up employees to be dedicated to strategic goals, plans, and the five core values, especially value five (encourage intellectual curiosity). With all of this free time and the…show more content…
4. How would Harley Davidson’s business be affected if it decided to sell accessories directly to its customers? Include a brief discussion of the ethics involved with this decision. If Harley decided to sell accessories directly to its on-line customers, it would be great for the company as a whole. The problem with this idea is that it would hurt the individual dealerships. The dealerships depend on these sales and are the personal selling points for Harley. Ethically, Harley would be cutting the legs out from under the people who have made Harley great. I think the idea of the Harley store on-line was a good thing. They are meeting the customer’s need with online ordering, but also meeting the dealerships’ needs by giving them the sale. 5. Evaluate the HOG CRM strategy and recommend an additional benefit Harley Davidson could provide to its HOG members to increase customer satisfaction. After reading about Harley Davidson and their CRM I had to research more. I really looked into their HOG membership and everything it had to offer. If I was a Harley owner and a HOG member I would be very satisfied. This membership and strategy that Harley Davidson has come up with is amazing and keeps lifetime members and creates new members with every motorcycle sell. The only things that I did not find that the HOG membership offered was having the members help

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