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1. If you were CEO of Harley- Davidson, how would you compare the advantages and the dis advantages of using exports , joint ventures, and foreign subsidiaries as ways of expanding international sales? a. If I were the CEO of Harley- Davidson, I see only upsides from joint ventures and foreign subsidiaries as types of insourcing. I say this due to the fact that the countries like Germany and Japan each had a helpful hand in the production of our motorcycles. That being said co ownership by both the US and these other countries would be fine as long as regulated and that main ownership remained stateside in the US. The disadvantage I do see is the notion of a strategic alliance given our company past…show more content…
I do believe that the locals should play a major role in the salesmanship of the bikes but right from the start I would have a mix of locals and expatriates. Since the bikes would be new to the area I believe that we should introduce new people also who would further show the people of that area our commitment to not only our bikes but also the area itself. The criteria that I would recommend to the CEO when he send expatriates, would be to makes sure that the people sent over know exactly the type of brand we are trying to convey to the people and also make sure they can educated and train the locals on our brand because the expatriates role over there is to educate so they can come back stateside once the brand has been built up in the new area. 4. Is it accurate to say that Harley is still “on top of its game”? How well is the company performing today in both he domestic and global markets? Who are its top competitors in the other parts of the world, and how well does Harley compete against them? Does the electric Harley have what it takes to fuel the company’s next stage of global growth? a. As far as Harley Davidson being on top of its game I would say that as far as the US is concerned it has a lock on its target audience that has been the say since the 1980’s. I believe that the new

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