Harley Ruiness: The Character Of Harley Quinn

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My icon has always is tied to a specific DC comic book antihero Harley Quinn. When most people hear the name Harley Quinn they automatically call her “the jokers girlfriend”. That is a slightly accurate title for her, but there is way more to her as character than that specific title. Harley Quinn is also known as Harleen Frances Quinzel. Her story begins in the DC UNIVERSE as a doctor at The Arkham Asylum. She was famous in her field and was one of the only know female doctors to work in The Arkham Asylum. She was a very smart female character before and after becoming her alter ego Harley Quinn.
Consequently, while working in the asylum she was assigned to work with the joker. At first she had no such feelings for joker, until he talked about his father issues. When Harley heard about his past, she felt pity and sorrow for him. As Quinn spent more time with joker she began to develop feelings for him. Quinn finally decided to give up her normal life for a life of
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Her attitude towards life is why I admire her as a character. She is a bold character and does not care about what you think about her. I wish I could be just as bold as her wither it be through what I say or wear does not matter. Harley is always positive even when things don’t go her way, and I know that’s something we all struggle with. She is also a very smart woman who uses what she knows to get what she wants in life. It would be so much easier if I could be like her and use my brain to get something I really want. Harley is loyal to the people she cares about like the joker. I want to be more loyal to people I already am loyal but I still need to improve. Harley is my hero, not only by her personality but also what she has gone through. When someone hurts her, she gets back up and continues on strong. I wish that I was just like her except the killing part and her abuse she goes
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