Harm Reduction

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Harm reduction work toward in keeping people safe and minimize death, disease,

and injury from high risk behavior, especially psychoactive substance use. Harm

reduction has many benefits for people who consumed substances, their families,

and communities. Research shows harm reduction activities can,Reduce HIV

infection and hepatitis, overdose deaths and other early deaths among people who use

substances, injection substance use in public places, and reduce the number of used

needles in public, the sharing of needles and other substance use equipment, it can

Educate about safer injecting and reduce injecting frequency;As well as, Educate

about safer sex and sexual health and increase condom use;It Magnify
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Also, if she doesn’t stop her children would end up in using drugs, be on gangs

because you were never there for them, and the end death. Do you really want that life for

your kids or you want to be a good mother and change their future and yours, and the end

you will feel satisfied about choosing the right right decision for the sake of your children and

your life. Her strength are that she have a degree in nursing and also she has a family that

care about her and the she some that care about her children and are willing to take them.

Well the issues for treatment are when a person has a drug addiction, sobriety can become

an impossible result, she will go back in using drugs because she has big problem she can

lose her kids. She can stop for weeks because treatment and go back home, but that pains

come back she will start using drugs again and go back to
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