Harmful Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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There are many harmful effects that come while being pregnant. They do not see the consequences that arise. Teen pregnancy is a problem that affects over a million teens in the United States. When people think about it, most of teen pregnancies could have been prevented in various ways. Teen pregnancy should be highly discouraged has it has effect on teen mother and baby. There are multiple ways on how being pregnant can be harmful. The three main popular ones are health issues, social life and education. Teens that get pregnant at a young age can experience medical complications because their young bodies are still developing. Most teens do not seek proper medical care during pregnancy, either due to shame or hiding it from parents. A lack of medical care can lead to complications like toxemia, anemia, high blood pressure and even premature delivery. Teens younger than age 15 have a high chance of receiving anemia, or low blood iron. Anemia can cause extreme tiredness and other complications. About 14% of pregnant women develop anemia. This condition occurs in higher rates in teen pregnancies because of the insufficient amount of healthy caloric intake needed during pregnancy. While not all premature births lead to complications, there are some very significant health risks associated with premature deliveries in general. When a baby is born before the due date, there can be complications with the baby’s breathing as the newborn’s respiratory system will not have developed

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