Harmful Militant Activism in "Black Bird' Essay

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I believe there are two types of activism, one which constitutes confrontational action to get their point across, using only peaceful and educated means, and one which constitutes a policy of direct militant action to achieve a social or political goal. In the novel Black Bird, Michel Basilieres suggests that activism, displayed by the FLQ, is one of ethnic narrow nationalism which promotes violence and disruption of the civil peace for a cause that they, the FLQ, feel would produce a more egalitarian society. Although this is an option and a belief for some, there is an alternative. This alternative is one used in the current aspect of activism in which globalism and capitalism is fought. The means of this activism are that of peaceful …show more content…
The book further touches on the abilities of Marie to be narrow minded and ultra nationalistic when she goes to a book store to buy her brother a Christmas gift. Although the book store is labeled in French and every sign around and in it are French Marie cannot be comfortable. She finds in her to even hate the people in the store looking at the English books, "it gave her the creeps" (Basilieres 119). She goes on to describe the readers as "opium smokers: calm [and] contented" (Basilieres 119) almost giving the reader the thought that she likes there to be the opposite, chaos. I believe Marie is also depicted as a heartless and cruel person. Heartless and cruel when she realizes the diplomat was afraid of her (Basilieres 245) and "when he pleaded and cried for release she struck him." (Basilieres 250) She was even more cruel and heartless when she "beat him with her free hand, twisting the chain" (Basilieres 263) and asking "where's god now." (Basilieres 263) "She was incapable of sympathy" (Basilieres 264) and she performed the act "as coldly as drowning an unwanted kitten." (Basilieres 264) Marie is not as hard-line as some of the other members of her cell, like Hubert whom she feels she owes to do what he would have done after his death, in that she is touched by her mothers sorrow over the loss of her father and it is this human side of her that drives her to leave the house in order to deal with what she
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