Harmful Women Stereotypes Essay

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The wide ranging harmful representations of women have now achieved a new level in popular culture. Every medium (television, movies, magazines, games) has the problems of their own of depicting women. Whereas there are various other issues related to the way women are repented for viewers, for the purposes of this essay it is useful to explore gender stereotypes and negative depiction of women in movies, which also include overly sexualized and unrealistic images in movies. All together these issues shore up the idea of portraying women negatively which results in erroneous representation of women by oneself and cultures as well. Movies are widely viewed medium around the globe and thus, have a huge effect on the way women perceive …show more content…
These stereotyped perceptions of what women are like is hardly true, yet even comedy movies depicting women, especially Rebecca (1940) further solidify the view that women are single-minded and unable to think or act outside narrowly defined and culturally coded behavior. An ‘unordinary’ woman, who is focused on living alone and have different priorities than a married one, would likely to deem herself as something out of the ‘ordinary’ because that’s not what real women are like. Thus, this forms a concept in young females that one has to married as per the social norm to be considered feminine.
Movies can confine women in many ways, whether it is villainous psychotic role or representing as sex objects. Consider how “the impossibly busty body of Laura Croft, the female protagonist of Tomb Raider, can be viewed nude on certain websites. The notion behind this is that these harmful stereotyped representations can damage the overall image inside younger generations and change their perception of (Norris, 2004). Laura Croft is the result of the imagination of someone yet that doesn’t make her any less as an idol and is believed to be perfect in every sense. Young males consider her as someone with whom they want other girls to look the same. On the other hand, teenage females think it is very hard to achieve the similar figure and personality as of the protagonist. Unaware, both the genders are
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