Harmless Flirting Cheating Research

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Are you thinking too that, “ Is flirting cheating or not ” ? Have you ever seen your soul mate or partner having a long lasting conversation with someone other than you and might have thought if your soul mate is flirting and trying to get that other person? It is natural of thinking and caring about your soul mate including jealousy as well at the same time when you are in a relationship. But before you put yourself into conclusion, these few things are “Must Know” things to assist you knowing as if flirting is cheating or not. Is Flirting Cheating? If Not, What Is it: The dictionary identifies flirting as behaving in a manner that shows an intimate appeal for someone but is not designed to be taken significantly. That description…show more content…
Are there types as well? Yes, there are. There are mainly three types of flirting found and they are named as below: Harmless Flirting. Touchy Flirting. Dirty Flirting. To get to know the types easier and deeper, we’ve defined them as: Harmless Flirting: This type of flirting occurs when there’s a conversation with charm and smile including no dirty jokes. A type, where you attract somebody because of your social skills and talk to them with no bad intentions in mind. This is so far the acceptable type of flirting and nobody minds it. Even your jealous partner would never mind that type. Touchy Flirting: The heading says it all. A type of flirting occurs when there’s a conversation with less words and more touches. Where you touch the person attracted to you just because you think the person won’t mind and they are fascinated to you now. This type of flirting is not acceptable. Not only your partner finds it wrong, but everybody who walk by you. Dirty Flirting: A type of flirting occurs when there’s a conversation about dirty jokes and desire of getting laid. You can easily evaluate it if you focus on the words they are speaking. Here is how you can easily find out if your partner is flirting right way or the wrong
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