Harmony at the Workplace: Wage Negotiations between Labor Unions and the Management

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Abstract This paper looks at a proposal from a labor union attempting adjust overtime pay for employees of a sample company. It outlines the benefits of cooperative negotiations between labor and management, provides an analysis of how the proposal will affect the company and suggests an ideal approach to take with negotiations. Finally, the paper provides alternatives to the proposal presented by the union and describes how this company can achieve ideal results for all parties involved. Harmony in the workplace between the employees and management is crucial to the productivity of a company. Most of the time employees and management are able to work cohesively to accomplish common goals; however, this relationship can become contentious as conflicts arise between the employees' desire for better benefits and the company's desire to adhere to their budget. Due to this delicate nature of the employee-management relationship, labor unions have been put in place to negotiate benefits and work conditions on behalf of the employees. In the case of the sample company negotiating pay rates, the union has proposed a change in the overtime payment system that would require the employer to pay time-and-a-half for a minimum of two hours of overtime even if the employee did not work two hours of overtime. This is a divergence from the previous overtime policy that required the employer to pay time-and-a-half only for the amount of time the employees actually worked overtime.
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