Harmony with the Environment

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The results of data analysis indicated the priority of structure on other mentioned obstacles. Inappropriate structure may decrease flexibility and may also weaken organizational ability to be in harmony with the environment especially whenever the organization needs alteration in the strategic priorities in order to improve its competitive place. Allocation of the highest priority to the structure may show inefficiency of the efforts of contractual companies managers in order to prepare structural sequences which may help execution of strategies in addition to facilitate activities of the companies in the field of contractual works. The inefficiency, may show its effects on decrease in flexibility against the changes, in the shape of increase in organizational costs, and inability to attract market opportunities. Among the set of obstacles under study, resources allocation received highest priority after structure. The negative results of this factor on strategy implementation in contractual company may refer to its role in decreasing creativity and innovation in organizations. Third priority is belonging to operational planning. Inability to interpret organization strategy to the operational plans has been always one of the most important issues, under attention of the researches and delivered the most damages to the goals sympathy in different organizational stages. Weakness in operational planning, similar with inappropriate structure, may decrease ability of coping with
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