Harms Of Social Networks On Society

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Harms of Social Networks While social networking does have value, it also has tremendous potential for negative influences in everyday society. The harm caused by social networking has skyrocketed over the last decade. There are no regulations to the content that can be posted or the immediate contact one can have with a stranger, leading to dangerous situations. This is a rising concern for the parents of young children as well as all who are part of social networks. The growing population has become overwhelmingly focused on the world of media and technology; most could not solve a simple math question, much less have a personal conversation with someone. While our schools are being downsized, the Facebook population is growing each and every day. A solution must be found before the doors of schools are closed, the interaction with one another face to face lessens, and the lives of teens with a good future are destroyed. There have been many solutions set up to overcome these obstacles, for example; blocking certain posts, privacy settings, and under age logs in denials. Fortunately, these have worked in some cases. The summer of 2010, Facebook shot up in their members with more than 500 million people. Even Twitter, where the posts must be “140 character or fewer” has reached 140 million members (Clemmit 751). Because of the increasing popularity of social networks, a decline is starting to be seen in everyday personal interaction with others. The dominance that
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