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On 11/21/16 I met Mr. and Mrs. Messing at the office of Dr. Adams. Ms. Messing said she has not made any other follow up appointment. She wanted to wait until she saw Dr. Adams and spoke with him. There was a long wait for Dr. Adam. Ms. Messing arrived in a wheelchair, her neck was still in the Miami j collar but her chin was towards her chest, head was sinking down in the collar. This was not how the collar fit her when I saw her at the rehab unit. She continually pulls on the collar due to a skin break down under her chin. The wound to her chin is almost completely healed. Ms. Messing rates her pain at a 4 to a 10. She reports having a jolting tingling burning pain to the top of her head. She is alert and oriented. Family brought the MRI disc from test ran while in rehab unit at St. Joseph Mercy. Family also brought the entire cervical collar that have been tried to…show more content…
Dr. Adams reviewed the MRI films. The family found a man who makes custom cervical collars in Florida and they asked for a order so they could try and have one made. Dr. Adams said he is more concerned about the Kyphosis. He asked if the collar had been removed. Mr. Messing said he thought the collar could be removed, Ms. Messing said it has not been removed. Dr. Adams said a custom collar is not the solution, he feels she needs a Halo. He said he doesn’t do those any longer. He recommends Henry Ford, Beaumont or the U of M hospital. He ordered a new ct scan to be done. While were in the exam room Mr. Messing called his daughter a nurse practioner and Dr. Adams spoke with her. She will speak with the neurosurgery department at her hospital and find the appropriate doctor. I spoke with Gail after the appointment as she had requested and provided her with an update. Gail had requested an open claim letter so she could make arrangements for her mother to see her neurologist and her PCP but needs a open claim letter. The letter was obtained and faxed to Dr. Kala
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