Harold Edgerton Analysis

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Atomic bombs, guns, bullets, what else does Harold Edgerton photograph? Harold Edgerton had a different style from other photographers. He didn’t do the usual portrait or landscape. He would go to extreme lengths for one shot. Harold Edgerton was a photographer who took many photos that many other people wouldn't. He captured on film an atomic bomb that blew up milliseconds after the explosion. The picture was taken many miles away with a ten foot lens. He has taken many photos where he has shot a bullet through a card or an apple and other different fruits. He took more amazing unique photos. Edgerton is a famous photographer, inventor, and a great teacher.
Edgerton’s interest in photography was sparked when his uncle taught him how to process photos. He went to college to become an electrical
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The apple is in front of a blue background. The bullet is on top of a slab of wood. The bullet is a good sized bullet, most likely a .308, which is the caliber of the bullet. The apple looks like a ball wrapped in wrapping paper because of the way the bullet impacted the apple. The bullet is about an inch out of the apple. The apple stem is toward the camera. The apple is red and a little yellow at the top. The photo is named “How to Make Applesauce at MIT”.
Edgerton was a teacher at MIT. He inspired students just as they inspired him. He accomplished many great things. He was a teacher, inventor, husband, and father. He did many things in his life. He invented the strobe light and electric flash. Both items are used today. The electronic flash can be found on almost every camera and phone. Edgerton received four medals, The National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 1988, the Howard N. Potts Medal in 1941, THe National Medal of Science for Engineering, and the SPIE Gold Medal. He was very successful in life. He died the fourth of January in
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