Harold Godwinson : A Powerful Anglo Saxon Family

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Harold Godwinson was born in the 1022s to a powerful Anglo-Saxon family in Wessex, United Kingdom. Throughout his life, he achieved many great things, including being the last Anglo-Saxon to be crowned King of England and being the Earl of Wessex. He was at the top of the social structure from the 6th of January 1066 until his death fighting the Norman Invaders on the 14th of October at the Battle of Hastings. The Battle of the Hastings was a major event during this time period and marked the beginning of the Norman Conquest of England.

Harold Godwinson
Where did they live?
Harold Godwinson grew up in his birthplace of Wessex, UK.
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(see graph below).

The feudal system pyramid of power

It starts at the top with the king granting his land to a baron for soldiers all the way down to a peasant getting land to grow crops. Under the feudal system land is granted to people for service, which means if you stay loyal and remain a good person you were granted with some land as a thank you. The main and largest society in the feudal system was the peasants or serfs that owned no land and had no power. Most peasants worked on farms and lived in the countryside in order to supply the upper class with popular crops. Along with this everybody in the society during the medieval times were expected to attend a Catholic church because everyone lived in fear of being sent to hell. Many prayed for good luck in war, even though they were happy to die fighting because they believed you were the dying in gods hands. In reward for obeying the rules of church, which was to attend all rituals and pay taxes, you were believed to be spending your afterlife in heaven and eternity. In contrast, if one was to commit any sins you were sent to hell as punishment. Purgatory is in between heaven and hell. This was believed to take place when you committed a sin but God gave you a chance to still go to heaven. There, you would pay for your sins before entering

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