Harold Shipman Crimes

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Violent crimes are violations of criminal law that involve the intentional use of violence by one person against another. the factors of violent crime. One will discuss the UK and the USA violent crimes and point out which country has more or less violent crimes, with charts and statistics. Despite some meaningful contributions to our understanding, the biological and psychological explanations neglect the most prominent aspect of deviance; that is, like any other human activity, deviant behaviour is inherently social in nature. For an individual to be deviant or delinquent, he or she must be involved with other people. two categories of sociological theories of delinquency social strain and social learning also, one will look at the profile of Dr Harold Shipman and his dark secret past. Correspondingly Dr Harold Fredrick Shipman try to highlight where his crimes first started and what his activates and also discuss hate and terrorism violence crimes in the UK and United
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The Strain Theory is when society puts pressure on to another individual to commit a crime in order to achieve their goals (Merton, 1957). Example; when young people feel pressure to own the latest phones or clothes were their pressure is form their peers this can result in criminal activity in order to relieve the strain. Both theories explain crime from a social point of view (The Social Learning Theory – shows how individuals can be influenced by those around them). In this way individuals, can commit crimes due to observing their peers also committing
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