Harold Stuart: A Brief Biography Of Aimee Watson

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Aimee left Hong Kong to join her mother who was living in New York, doing work with the Salvation Army. Aimee met Harold Stuart ("Mack") McPherson, a 23-year-old accountant from Providence, Rhode Island. Married in the spring of 1912, their son Rolf was born in March, 1913. She went into a deep postpartum depression. God was speaking to her continually to evangelize. Her health continued to fail, and at one point the nurses had given her up for dead. She was facing a life and death decision. Struggling against the call from the Lord, the voice came one last time: "NOW will you go?" Finally she was broken and told God that she would go. Within two weeks she was completely well.
In 1915 Aimee went to a Pentecostal camp meeting in Kitchener, Ontario
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