Haroun And The Sea Of Stories

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Haroun and the Sea of Stories (I read an electronic, scanned version) Pages 15-110 (95 pages) To have his father regain his confidence and his mother to return home, Haroun took a journey in the Sea of Stories, hoping that the magical and kind beings living there will fulfill his request. However, before he was able to ask for anything, he needed to help the good Guppees to defeat the bad Chupwalas. It was super hard for me to put this fairytale-like story down. I was completely drawn into the adventure of Haroun in the Sea of Stories. Unlike the other two required readings, which were set in a very realistic background, Haroun and the Sea of Stories was set in a completely fantasized world. Whether if it’s naming places with single letters or having actual kingdoms of stories and tales, the creative characteristics of the book gives the story individuality and uniqueness. While reading this, I was able to let my imagination run wild as the author introduced more and more of the mythical word that Haroun had experienced. I would imagine what Iff, the blue story genie, looked like according to the author 's description. I wondered whether if the Story Sea shimmers like any of our seas. I would create an image for every single detail that the author introduced. So far from what I’ve read, every single one of the characters were introduced and developed with very, very unique traits that made them easy to remember and recall in an instant. For example, Haroun, our main
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