Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Short Story

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Michael A. Rodriguez
Ms. Ramirez
British Literature 1600
30 November 2017
Haroun and the Sea of Stories: Magic Meets Real World Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a children’s novel, written by Salman Rushdie, who is one of the prominent authors of magical realism in English literature. The novel brings together real world elements and features of magic or the supernatural. Using elements of literature such as made-up words and rhyming throughout Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Rushdie showcases why he is a distinguished author of magical realism. (Warnes) The novel begins by introducing the city in which the main character lives. Rushdie calls it the “sad city” because the citizens are so depressed, they have forgotten the city’s actual name. Haroun and his parents are the only people not depressed. Rashid, Haroun’s father, is a famous story teller. The depressed citizens solely care about facts and see no purpose in these made-up stories. Haroun’s upstairs neighbor, Mr. Sengupta, is always complaining to Haroun’s mother about these stories and eventually runs off with her. This leads to the main conflict of the story, Rashid becoming so sad he forgets how to tell his stories. (Rushdie, 12-26) Rashid needs to perform stories for multiple politicos, but draws a blank. After angering the politicos, they send him to Valley of K. Haroun and his father go to the bus station so they can ride to the Valley of K, and eventually convince a psychotic bus driver, Mr. Butt, to take

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