Harper Lee’s “to Kill a Mockingbird Seeks to Focus Upon the Hypocrisy of the ‘American Dream’. Discuss.

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Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird seeks to focus upon the hypocrisy of the ‘American Dream’. Discuss. The American dream can be defined as a national ethos which encourages freedom for all individuals regardless of their race, religion, colour or socioeconomic status. Through the theory of American Exceptionalism and the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal”, the American Dream presents itself as a system of equal opportunity and prosperity for all citizens. Author, Harper Lee, effectively draws attention to the hypocrisy of the American Dream in her enchanting novel “To kill a mockingbird”. Texts such as the front page of Malcolm X’s novel “By any means necessary” and Tupac’s song “White Man’s World” also reinforce…show more content…
From the audiences’ perspective, Malcolm and his weapon are the main focus of the photograph since they’re positioned in the centre of the page. This image aims to communicate the ideology that equality needs to be fought for, however the use of weaponry suggests violence is the solution. Whilst the symbolic use of weaponry enhances the meaning of “by any means necessary”, the attire worn by Malcolm embodies how he’s not only fighting with guns, but his fighting with his knowledge and beliefs. In summary of this, the front cover of the novel effectively explores the hypocrisy of the American Dream as it visually illustrates the extremes black people would take in order to be equally recognised. Lee’s didactic way of writing in “To Kill A Mockingbird” highlights the biblical segregation between the black and white community, hence capturing the facade of the American dream. Through the effective use of dialogue, Lee creates a superficial boundary between religious beliefs. “I wants to know why you bringin’ white chillun to nigger church” Lula, a regular attendee of the congregation, condemns Calpurnias’ idea of bringing the white children to the “coloured” church. By employing dialogue of a random community member in contrast to a main character, the composer evokes the idea that the “coloured” church is as a sanctuary for all the black people in Alabama. The church acts as a liberator since it allows the black

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