Harper Web To Kill A Mockingbird

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Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and Fredrick Douglass; what do these people have in common? They were colored people who made a difference in history and helped to make their race seen as an equal as time went on. They are a great example of how Harper Web portrayed some of her characters in her book “How to kill a Mockingbird.”

One of Harper Web’s characters who made an impact was Calpirnia, also known as Cal. Cal was the closest thing that the kids, Jem and Scout, had as a mother. She was raising them the way their father wanted them to be like, seeing even the colored person as everyone else and making them feel comfortable to be around them. Cal shocked the kids one day when she took them to her church because her english wasn’t as perfect when she spoke with her fellow colored people as it was when talking to white people. Another character who made a huge impact in the book was Tom Robinson. Tom was an extremely hard worker for a man who only had one arm. The reason he
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Another amazing quality was that they went out of their way to help another person, white or black, not thinking twice of the

consequences that could happen because of the color of their skin. This is what every colored person strived for; to be able to work a job they wanted, not having to fear anyone. They also desired to walk the streets without having to look over their shoulder or step aside, off the sidewalk, for the white person. This is what the black community had to endure because they looked and talked differently.

Looking back, I believe this is a realistic portrayal of the black community in the south because we have testimonies from people who lived through these times. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and Fredrick Douglass are just three black people who had experience and could attest to the reality of this
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