Harper's Monster-Personal Narrative

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Everyone threw their caps up. Cheers were heard all around. This day had finally come. High school was over. Harper watched her cap fly into the sky. She noticed that the sky was an odd color, but at the time she didn’t think anything of it. No one else seemed to notice. She had short, straight blonde hair, and green eyes. “Harp, over here! We’re taking a picture,” Mary, her friend, called. “Coming,” Harper replied. Harper walked over to her friends. The whole rest of the afternoon was filled with celebrations and picture taking. Harper and her friends had planned a trip for post-graduation celebration all the way back in their sophomore year, but they had just recently gotten all of the small details and flights figured out. Every person …show more content…

Spare yourself and stay.” “Stay? Here? What are you talking about?” Harper asked. The creature shrinked back into the earth, and the sky turned back to its original color. The sun returned, and the waves and sand calmed down. All of the people appeared and seemed like they did not experience what had just happened. Harper stood there, confused, and a little frightened. She looked left and right down the beach, but nothing could explain the beach’s transformation and the monster-like figure. “Harper, what’s wrong? Come in the water with us,” asked another one of Harper’s friends, Lucy. “Yeah, um, I’m fine. I just, nevermind. The water is beautiful!” Harper replied. “Isn’t it?” Lucy said. They both walked into the ocean. Suddenly, Harper awakened. Mary, Lucy, Dylan, and a few of her other friends were gathered around her. There was a wet cloth on her forehead. She was laying down inside, on a bench. Lucy yelled, “She woke up! Thank goodness.” Harper looked around, confused. Harper asked, “What …show more content…

Can’t wait for Florida next week! Bye Harper,” he said as he drove away. Florida, Florida, Florida. Something just didn’t feel the same when she thought about her upcoming trip. That night, she went to bed early. She needed the rest. Her parents agreed that she would need to start going to bed earlier because she probably wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep on vacation. There it was again. That uncanny feeling she got when she thought about her vacation, was back. She wondered if her dream had anything to do with this feeling. She ignored it anyways. A week passed, and she started to feel better and more excited about Florida. She was sitting next to Lucy on the plane. They pointed out of the window at all of the clouds and watched themselves fly over their home. They laughed and took pictures. It seemed as if Harper had forgotten about the warning. When they landed, they walked around, happy to be in paradise. They drove to their hotel, and hung out. It was the most fun Harper had had in years. There was a big group of them that went. There was Harper, Mary, Lucy, and Dylan. There was also Dylan’s friends, Sam, Liam, and Michael, and a few more of the other girls’ friends, Maya and Courtney. The next day, they hung out at the beach. Harper, Maya, and Lucy were laying out enjoying the heat, while the guys and Mary and Courtney swam in the ocean. A man approached the girls. He had jet black hair, a tropical-patterned shirt, and a great smile. He walked up to the

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