Harrah*S Entertainment Case Study

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THE FACTS________________________________________
• Founded in 1937 in Reno, Nevada by Bill Harrah
• One of the world’s most renowned provider in casino entertainment
• Operates nearly 40 casinos in three countries under the Harrah*s, Caesars, Horseshoe, Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, Rio, Showboat, Harveys, and Grand Casino Resort brand names
• More than 40,000 employees
• Posted more than $4 billion in revenue and $235 million in net income in 2002

In the volatile world of the gaming industry, renowned casino provider, Harrah*s understands the importance of ensuring the consumer’s complete satisfaction during their stay at their facilities. The history
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If this is not the case, Harrah*s will slowly experience a trend that will not allow them to remain competitive since they do not rely on the “razzle dazzle” of their flashier counterparts.

• Develop a more strategic focus on target marketing. Harrah*s has over 25 locations across the US that range from land-based casinos in Las Vegas to riverboat casinos in Lake Charles, Louisiana to casinos based on Indian reservations like Harrah*s Cherokee. Without narrowly defined marketing initiatives focused on geo-demographic segmentation, Harrah*s would be limited to using generic marketing strategies to reach out to its diverse consumer base. With targeted marketing initiatives, Harrah*s is able to divide consumers into various segments for specially designed marketing campaigns. This is essential, as consumers in Las Vegas do not necessarily have the same traits and characteristics as those in Louisiana or North Carolina. Nevertheless, from a cost perspective, maintaining and enhancing more strategic marketing initiatives is not inexpensive. Harrah*s would have to invest in more resources upfront to truly analyze how the execution of these initiatives affect their profitability in the long-term making it more difficult to truly examine its short-term and long-term return on investment.

• Create stronger branding through nation-wide gaming tournaments with a focus on specific demographics, such as women or older adults. Most recently,

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