Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc

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Executive Summary

Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. has been a pioneer in the casino industry by becoming the first company to become publicly trade in the stock market. Also, they have set themselves apart from competitors with their approach to customer service and building lasting relationships. These differentiations from competitors lead them to highly invest on information technology to track customer’s trends and habits.
This paper analyses how the Harrah’s benefits from their unique approach to information technology, but at the same time points out how other aspects of the business have been disregarded or they need to be improved. Issues such as, infrastructure compared to competitors, the fact that due to the investment on
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Another recommendation is to create a partnership with a gaming company like zynga to come up with an online game. If the online game is created, it would be convenient for the reward card holders to be able to use their cards with this game. In addition to the game creation, it would be interesting for the casino to come up with amateurs gambling tournaments. This last one could be a way to bring a new demographic into the casinos.
Potential Obstacles/Risks One of the potential obstacle and or risk of applying some of the recommendations like investing on the infrastructure could be difficult to rebuild a 50 plus year old company across the board. Some of the employees could be hesitant to changes. Another possible obstacle and or risk might the laws and regulations for online gambling that may not allow for a casino company to create gambling games and being able to bet and receive profits online.

Questions 1. How does the Pareto Principle relate to Harrah’s market situation (the

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