Harrah's Marketing Strategy

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Harrah's marketing strategy Harrah's has gradually become one of the most powerful companies in the United States. Its success is pegged to a wide array of strategic efforts and decisions, some of them focused on overcoming competition, others on attracting customers, whereas others targeting directly the company's financial stability. The element which must however be mentioned is that Harrah's Entertainment Inc. did not develop and implement isolated strategies in each of the fields mentioned. Instead however, it developed and implemented strategies tailored to its own position, its features and its needs, and it integrated them in a manner in which they all collaborated to attain the overall objectives of the firm. At the specific level of the customers, the company's strong strategy was represented by the efforts made to attract clients in the low rolling category. This approach ensured it with sustainable profits as these were also increased as they were generated by a wider customer market. Overall then, Harrah's Entrainment Inc. managed to appeal to a wider customer market through a complex marketing effort, the result of which has materialized in an significantly increased competitive position within the market. At this level then, a question is being posed relative to the actual efforts completed by the firm from the marketing standpoint. A first notable strategy in this sense is represented by the sustained efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. In this

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