Harriet Tubm A Biography

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James A. McGowan and William C. Kashatus the authors of Harriet Tubman :A biography focused on telling the remarkable story of Harriet Tubman the biography tells the story about her early years as young Arminta Ross, how she escape slavery, her duties as the Underground Railroad Conductor, and her roles in the Civil War. I feel like the authors purpose of writing this books was to educate and inform readers about the times of Harriet Tubman and what she had to endure and also to give a understanding on why Harriet Tubman is so legendary amongst the time she lived and why she still is today. Harriet Tubman: A Biography is centered around Harriet Tubman born in Maryland born into slavery. She was the daughter of Benjamin Ross her father…show more content…
One year after the marriage Brodess plans to sell Harriet but he dies leaving his wife Eliza Brodess in debt. So to pay off the debt Eliza to plans to sale Harriet But this time Harriet thought she 'll take matters in her own hands On September 17, 1849 Harriet and her two brothers Ben and Henry Escaped from slavery. But the family constantly argue over directions due to the lack of knowledge of directions the brothers decided to return to the plantation which also forced Harriet to go with them. Finally ran off on her on realizing that it would be too dangerous to reveal her plans her family. She traveled at night and hid during the day. She would get food from free dock workers the willingly provided her food and shelter and guided her through hidden tunnels and pathways. She was also helped by Hannah Leverton which whose was a white women . Leverton drove Harriet to Delaware border and gave her a piece of paper with the information of Thomas Garrett, a Quaker Abolitionist whose Underground railroad station was the last stop in Delaware before the Pennsylvania boundary dividing the free and slave states. Which leads to Harriet crossing the Mason-Dixon Line finally giving her freedom. Once in Philadelphia Harriet began making plans to
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