Harriet Tubm One Of The Most Important Women

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Playing a vital role in helping the slaves escape from their unfortunate fate, Harriet Tubman is one of the most important women in the history of slavery. In 1820, in a little county named Dorchester, a daughter born to Ben Ross and Harriet Green would one day be called the savior of slaves; her parents, on the record, named her Araminta Harriet Ross, and then nicknamed her “Minty”. Since both parents were enslaved on Anthony Thomas and Mary Pattison’s plantation, there is no official record of Harriet’s birthday. Historians believe that she was born somewhere between February and March in 1820. During the year of 1892, Harriet announced to a crowd of people that she was sixty-seven years old; however, it is possible that this year is not the actual birthdate of Ms. Tubman. She did not know what year she was actually born (Early Life). Harriet Green, nicknamed by majority of her family as “Rit”, was Araminta’s mother. Her job as a slave was to cook at the big house for Atthow Pattinson and his family. Minty’s great grandmother, Modesty, came to Atthow’s plantation during a transatlantic slave trade. Atthow put in his will that not only Rit but her offspring be released when they turned the age of 45. There is seldom information of Rit’s birth father; to the historians’ knowledge, they believe that Rit’s father was an unidentified white man. Minty’s birthfather is known to be Ben Ross. Mr. Ross was Anthony Thomas’s slave in Maryland. He was given the gift to be a skilled
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