Harriet Tubman And The Brave Rebel

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Two of the most well-known, moving women in history are Harriet Tubman, the slave freer, and Rosa Parks, the brave rebel. Many people know about these two women, but have more than likely not drawn a connection between the two of them. There are a few different areas that can help to develop one’s perception about the impact of these two women. As children these two women were raised to be strong, independent, and influential. These childhoods led to their participation in two massively important movements in American history. On top of all of these areas, an understanding of the similarities and differences between the two can help one to realize the relationship that they share. The last facet to the understanding of these historic leaders is to comprehend their involvement in society and their movements at a detailed level. Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are two highly influential women in United States history who have some noticeable similarities and differences. Harriet Tubman was born a slave around 1820 in Maryland. Even though she was given the name Araminta by her primary owner, she decided to go against him and name herself after her mother, Harriet Ross. Harriet never received an education because she was a slave, but she was recognized for her usual strength and put into the field to work (Kranz and Koslow). In 1826 when Harriet was six-years old, just old enough to have a sense of family, she was sold to a woman with little money looking for a young, female

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