Harriet Tubman And The Civil Rights Movement

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Araminta Ross, or more commonly known as Harriet Tubman, was a powerful figure in the Civil Rights movement. Having already escaped from slavery, Araminta made ninteen trips to free other slaves. She helped free hundreds of slaves, even her own parents. She never lost a slave or was caught by government officals looking to capture her. Tubman always stood up for what was right, even if it meant taking someone else’s punishment. Araminta, one of nine children born to Harriet “Rit” Green and Ben Ross, was born into slavery (World Book 2003 ed. page 480). Harriet “Rit” Green was enslaved by a woman named Mary Pattison Brodess and Ben Ross was owned by Anthony Thompson (World Book 2003 ed. page 480). Anthony and Mary got married and their slaves were combined into one facility. Soon after the move, Ben and Harriet fell in love and had children. Araminta, who was also called “Minty,” was born between the years of 1820 - 1825 in Dorchester County, Maryland (World Book, 2003 ed. page 480). Even in her childhood, Araminta stood up for what was right. At the age of thirteen, Araminta with her supervisor at a local store when another slave, who was supposed to be working in the field, was spotted at the store. Araminta was asked to “tie” the slave so that he could be whipped for leaving the field without permission (Harriet Tubman: Slavery, The Civil War, and Civil Rights in the 19th Century). She refused and stood in the doorway so that the supervsor could not follow the now

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