Harriet Tubman Essay

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Harriet Tubman
Blake Snider
December 5, 2010
Professor J Arrieta
Seminar Critical Inquiry

Harriet Tubman is a woman of faith and dignity who saved many African American men and women through courage and love for God. One would ponder what would drive someone to bring upon pain and suffering to one’s self just to help others. Harriet Tubman was an African American women that took upon many roles during her time just as abolitionist, humanitarian, and a Union Spy during the American civil war. Her deeds not only saved lives during these terrible time’s but also gave other African Americans the courage to stand up for what they believe in and achieve equal rights for men in women in the world no
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The sad part is that people that thought the men were the most important workers, but without the women none of the duties would have been finished. They served and equal role in making the plantation work and weren’t given the credit they deserved. Without the women staying in the house and looking after the children or cooking the meals, none of the men would have food or somewhere to sleep when they were done with their work. One can see that every duty should’ve been seen as equal. The women could do the same duties as the men and vice versa either way the duties are all needed to make the system work.
Women’s rights have improved drastically since that time but there still is a stigma that men are better than women. This type of view is wrong and shouldn’t even be thought about in the world we live into today. Woman server a great purpose in the world we live in and should be considered equal in all aspects of life. If one were to ponder this idea seriously we can see without out women no children are born. The sad truth is that women still have to fight for their rights in every aspect of their daily lives. The typical women in society makes only .70 cents for every dollar that a man would make doing the same job. One would think that one hundred and fifty years later women would be considered equal counterparts to men. “There has been progress toward greater workplace equality, but we still have a long ways to
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