Harriet Tubman: The Underground Railroad Conductor

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They represent an embodiment of struggles, pain, hope, and optimism. American history has both in the ancient and present circulated around the subjects of hope and optimism, regardless the circumstances. Numerous accounts of magnificent and iconic historical features surface in this unfolding of events. It is not lost that without a doubt, America has an elephant share of great history makers. Harriet Tubman represents an iconic figure in several dimensions (Gosman 4). She gave her energy, determination and sacrifices through participation in the validation of the American dream and contributing rewriting of historical success that America is so proud of today.
Gish Gen and Barbara Ehrenreich’s works outline the struggles and challenges that the Americans undergo today in their pursuit of the American dream. Gen points to a Chinese family that is weaved between maintaining ties with their traditional Chinese way of life and culture, and adopting the American dream (Gen 107). Through this rather humorous and attention catching treatise, Gen confirms the struggles the American immigrant population face in order to streamline their thought, actions and philosophy with what the American dream represents. A majority of immigrants survives on low wages and struggles to put food on the…
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