Harriet Tubman 's ' Freedom Train '

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Now lets talk about the main character, Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was born 1820, somewhere. She is seven years old here where we first start the story, in 1827 as she rocked the baby to sleep. Harriet still only seven was a slave. She was also extremely fortunate to have her family bought with her. She her mother, brothers, and daddy were all there and accounted for. Harriet was a house slave, her mother, daddy, and brothers worked outside. They worked in the fields, picking cotton, corn, and so on. Since I am doing a book report on a book called Freedom train By: dorothy Sterling I thought I should tell you the setting. The setting takes place in many places actually. The beginning of the story starts here. “Here” is a farm, on this farm inside a pretty white house is Harriet. “Harriet sat in the middle of the floor with the baby in her arms. Her thin body swayed from side to side as she tried to quiet him.” Harriet is in the babys room of the house trying to hush him, It is nighttime and the spring breezes pass the pink magnolia blossoms in the fields. The flock of geese rose overhead forming a nice little V in the sky, the night was still young. Now you know about the main character and the first setting lets look how the story begins. Harriet holds the baby trying to rock it back to sleep. She sings a song that hushes the baby more. She keeps cradling him and hushing him the whole time. After he finally falls fast asleep she scolds him to stay sleeping and sleep
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