Harrison Bergeron : Equal Inequality

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Felix Frankfurter once said “It is a wise man who said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals.” This quote relates to Harrison Bergeron because in the story Harrison is trying to make the so called equal world inequal. Harrison Bergeron connects to the quote because Harrison also believes that treating unequals equally is not right. The story begins when Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron are upset because their son Harrison has been taken away from them. Although they can not really be upset for very long because of their handicaps. These handicaps are used to make the world equal which is impossible the world will never be 100% equal. Later on in the story Harrison breaks free of jail and tries to overthrow the government. Therefore Harrison’s motivation is to make the society unequal and to get rid of handicaps, this shows that the world doesn’t always need to be equal because of the outbreaks it can cause.
To begin the story, Harrison, age 14, is taken away because he was under suspicion for planning to overthrow the government. This government is not like any other government, they believe that everyone needs to be equal, so they make certain people with greater intelligence wear handicaps. These handicaps are placed in the ear and send out loud voices to interrupt one's thoughts so they can not think about subjects for too long because being able to have more thoughts than others is unequal. The government believes everyone should be equal but is that really ethical? “Everybody was finally equal… due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments of the constitution”(13). To explain the quote the government has made strict laws that force one to wear his/her handicaps at all times. Harrison on the other hand believe those higher in intelligence should not have to wear handicaps and that the world should go back to being unequal. “Harrison Bergeron has just escaped from jail where he was held on suspicion to overthrow the government.. he is a genius and an athlete, is under handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous”(15). To further discuss this idea, Harrison has escaped and is going to follow through with his plan to overthrow the government so he can have his
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