Harrison Bergeron Essay: Compare the Epic War or Socialism vs. Capitalism.

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Vonnegut's story “Harrison Bergeron” discusses the theme equality of results, but through his satirical circumstances there is an ambiguous theme targeting Socialism and Capitalism that shines through.
In the story “Harrison Bergeron”, both Socialism and Capitalism are made fun of through extended satirical references. In the story, Vonnegut's future predicts a rise of Socialism in America. However this Socialism relates to the equality of results as appose to equality of results. Vonnegut paints this very ugly picture of Socialism despite his views against Capitalism because of the misconceptions of the American public at that time. Hence he does not really put down Socialism but more the misconceptions of Socialism in the story. His
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In the end of the story Harrison is shot ad killed on live television. Hazel, Harrison's mother, just so happens to be watching it during these events. She cries during the events but the moment George comes back into the room she forgets what she was crying about. She claims what she saw was a “Doozy” but is encouraged by her husband to, “Forget Sad Things.” Vonnegut uses this at the end of the story to predict the reaction of the general population if such an event was to take place. It seems that the reaction would be minimal and people will forget about it very quickly. In doing so Vonnegut successfully portrays his views on Socialism and Capitalism and even goes to such lengths as to predict the 'winner'. Annotated Bibliography.

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Hattenhauer is the associate professor of American Literature at Arizona State University West. In his above article, Hattenhauer discusses the use of satire in Vonnegut's story, Harrison Bergeron as used to portray the concept of true equality as being absurd and unachievable.

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Mowery discusses the ongoing theme of forced equality in the story Harrison Bergeron. He explores the way
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