Harrison Bergeron

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“Harrison Bergeron” is a story about Big Government forcing equality on citizens by the use of handicaps; in doing so they hold everyone back from their fullest potential. The year 2081 is oppressive to say the least; people are punished for being above average in intelligence, beauty, physical abilities or any variety of capabilities. No one is supposed to be more attractive, stronger, more intelligent or quicker than anyone else. The quest for egalitarianism is faulty; people who are born gifted are hindered by ridiculous weight bags, glasses to cause blindness and headaches, ear radios that send nerve racking noises every twenty seconds courtesy of a government transmitter and hideous masks are a few objects implemented to make…show more content…
She is always concerned of the effects Georges Government transmitter makes as well as the effects the noises has on him. At times the noises are crippling and she tries to connect with him by asking what noises he heard. After an abnormally debilitating sound, she notices how tired her husband looks and suggests that he stretch out on the sofa to rest his handicap bag. “I don’t care if you’re not equal to me for awhile.” (847) She doesn’t believe that there is competition between herself and her husband in their home. She mentions that all he does while he is home is set around, there are no activities going on in the home that would cause competition. When their television show was interrupted with an urgent news bulletin, the announcer, like all announcers had a serious speech impediment. After several minutes of attempting to read the bulletin, he gave up and passed it to one of the ballerinas to read. This did not frustrate Hazel In spite of the interruption and the failure on the announcer’s part. “That’s all right – he tried. That’s the big thing. He tried to do the best that he could with what God gave him. He should get a nice raise for trying so hard.” (848) Hazel only shows concern for the announcer’s inability to perform his job in the sense he tried his best and failed, but its okay to fail as long as you try. The idea that people with speech impediments should not be announcers did not enter into her mind. Hazel’s reaction
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